6 09 2007

hello. we are trying to introduce a new idea into the market and with your help we can all make it better. We surely need all the help we can get. First, we are asking people to add some comments about our ideas. In order to improve it.

first of all, our proyect starts with a small but a very important question “DO YOU LIKE OUR PRODUCT ? WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT IT?” , 

 Our idea is about developing a new spoon that will help parents feed their kids. it will be a spoon that will make sounds, like a train. the sounds our own parents did with us when we were babies. the sound of course will be coming from the spoon instead of our parents. do you like it?

Tell us why?, what things you think are missing and what can make it better. We will really appreciate your comments and of course we will considere them in our product design.





2 responses

9 09 2007

I think it’s great you’ve chosen nice, simple products, that most people could lide, need and probably afford.
I’m glad you’re seeking for the promotion of your potential products through this channel.
I wish you the best of lucks, and of course the best in all the brainstorming you’ll be involved in.
Much luck and success!!

9 09 2007

thank you we really appreciate your commment. we are interested in all the help we can get in order to select the best idea and to improve it.
please tell your friends about our site and keep in touch with us. we’ll try our best to maintain this page in english, so that we can get all the help we can.

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